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Here are some interesting and entertaining videos featuring trains, railways and engineering, and some of Peter’s real-life railway adventures.
We also have a Youtube Channel with more clips here
and a fun watchlist of Chris’s favourite youtube videos here Chris’s Favourites

A wonderful old bit of film with the (then) new-fangled trick photography.  The film has been sped up to give a high speed journey from London to Brighton in 4 minutes.  This is about the speed of sound!  Although this was taken from an early electric train, it is fun to look out for some steam locomotives as you whizz by…

Enjoy a cab ride on Green Goddess on the Romney Hythe and Dymchurch Railway,
just like Peter did in the Moonlight Express!!  You can see the driver operating the reversing gear (handwheel on right), the regulator (steel lever in middle) and putting coal into the firebox.  Can you see the boiler pressure gauge?  This is the engine which Chris had the honour to drive one day, many years ago….

Years ago, showmen used to buy two old steam locomotives which were going for scrap.  Then they would sell tickets for spectators to watch the two engines in a spectacular head-on collision.  Sometimes they would even have a train of coaches behind the engines…

This is a good film about building a miniature railway and the locomotives in America

A very large and old gas engine starting up and running.  The syncopated sound it makes, once up to full speed, is simply amazing.

Driver’s Eye view of Bekonscot model village railway.
This might be the best ever garden railway……

This short, silent film captures one of Britain’s minor little railways: the Leek and Manifold Light Railway on the Staffordshire Moorlands. The railway opened in 1907, linking the villages of Waterhouses and Hulme End, and was built mainly for agricultural traffic, with a passenger service being a secondary consideration.

Steam engine with a glass cylinder and valve cover so you can see how it works.  The engine is running on compressed air and you can easily see the piston being pushed back and forwards.  Also shown is the valve, admitting air to first one end of the cylinder and then the other end.  The valve also lets the exhaust air escape from the opposite end of the cylinder.  This engine is called a ‘Double Acting’ type because the steam or air works on both sides of the piston.

This engine is completely made of glass.  It is an amazing piece of work, but runs a bit too fast to be able to see all of the parts!!

Another spectacular American train crash.
This time it is the Minnesota State Fair…

London to Brighton – Updated.
There were two later films: 1953, 1983 and 2013.  They are perfectly synchronised!

Chris on Isle of Man TV
during a visit to the island to show schools around the workshops of the Isle of Man Steam Railway

A series of clips about Peter’s Railway books, the locomotive Bongo (aka Fiery Fox) and the small steam railway across the farm…

Useful Links

Ryan’s Railway website.  This is a website, developed by Ryan who is just 8 years old!  There is lots to see and discover.  In particular, I like the way he has organised everything so carefully.

The Steam Apprentice Club is part of the National Traction Engine Trust. It exists to teach young people up to the age of 21 all about road steam: traction engines, steam rollers and road locomotives. We start by teaching you how to drive real traction engines! ( from the age of about 7 ) and then go on from there. We have many varied competitions during the year, driving days, rallies and other opportunities. A very hands on club!

Model Engineer Magazine  Chris read this magazine from about the age of 10.  It is a constant source of interest and knowledge on how to make things, especially model steam engines!

Museum of Retro Technology This is an amazing mine of information about weird and wonderful locomotives, motorcycles with one wheel, and the Auxetophone – a mechanical record player which was incredibly loud!