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Christmas Poems

In response to some of Chris’s Christmas “Poetry”, (which one reader described brilliantly as Adverse), we have received some Poetic Replies. Enjoy!…

The “Peter’s Railway” Story
by Sharon Johnson

It all started 10 years ago with Book 1 “A new Railway” …
Grandpa loves telling us stories of Railway disasters,
making machines, and recycling things from the farm.
Grandma is surprised he doesn’t end up covered in plaster,
and makes sure that everyone comes to no harm.

Peter, Harry and Kitty love to help Grandpa it is such fun,
It takes a lot of work to build a Railway, between their two homes.
With great engineering, hard work and love it is now done,
But Minnie and Cato are not happy, they didn’t dig up any bones.

But Grandpa and Peter something is missing, a loco you must find,
By luck they met a gentleman called Mr Esmond, who was very kind.
He lent them his prized loco called “Fiery Fox”, “Peter’s Railway” was now made,
they enjoyed steaming up loco, before testing the track that they laid.

More adventures followed in “Moonlight Express” engineering a loop, and a turntable,
And in Book 3 they found a “Forgotten Engine” all bricked up in a stable.

They extended the line into the village, so Grandma could do her shopping,
she sits in the Granny Wagon and rides back home without slowing or stopping.

In Book 4 “To the Rescue” the river flooded, lots of daring rescues were had,
Grandpa and Peter also made a snowplough when the weather turned bad.

In summer “The Picnic” was so lovely, which they had by the flowing river,
the watermill was built, so free electricity it could deliver.

Lots of ‘little’ adventures have also been had, with “Surprise Goods” along with way,
and they have weathered a storm in “Rain, Steam and Speed”.

“Now and then” turns into a “Dark Stormy Night” and a “Holiday at Lunan Bay”,
but with “A bit of Energy” from the Sun, the night turns into day.
Also, night time excitement inside a train museum, “Grandpa goes Bananas”,
lots of smoke, and an Engine ‘Alive’, when they should be in their pyjamas.

“Molten Metal” tells the story, of when they made a loco out of metal scrap,
“A big smellie Bogie” is a tale of an unlucky engine, and a brave fire-chap.

In Book 5 they “Hit the Jackpot”, the school children wish to travel by rail,
they contact the Minister of Transport, who gets the letter in the mail.

The extension is finished, the Minister comes from London to open the line,
but with party in full swing, Grandma’s cake eaten there is simply no time!

Oh no, the Minister has missed the last train back to London City,
Grandma will take you in her new car!!!, announces Kitty.

If that wasn’t enough in “Great Train Robbery”, three men robbed the bank,
the children quickly bolted the door, and the speeding train hit it – clank!
In “Christmas Steam” a wonderful grotto was built, with Santa sat inside,
many excited children waiting for the Christmas train to arrive.

It is that time of year now, when the railway comes to rest,
but there is still lots of work to be done for it to look its best.
When Grandpa and the children have done their work, there’s no reason,
not to read a “Peters Railway” book, maybe the “Four Seasons”.

So that is the “Peters Railway Story”, of mischief, engineering and fun,
and learning about many things, including the inside of a boiler.

We do hope there is a book soon, we could do with another one,
but in the meantime, look after “Fiery Fox” and don’t forget to oil her!!

Written by Sharon Johnson

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