Peter’s Railway
A Big Smellie Bogie

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A Big Smellie Bogie

Peter’s Railway
A Big Smellie Bogie


A true story about an unlucky engine and a brave fireman.

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A true story about an unlucky engine.

Introduction page from the book:

Peter and Grandpa’s miniature railway runs between their houses, across the farm.

The locomotive is Fiery Fox, which was made by Mr Esmond in his workshop. However Mr
Esmond’s garden isn’t big enough for a railway, so he has lent the engine to Grandpa and Peter. It’s a wonderful machine and can haul heavy trains really fast on their smooth track.

Now Mr Esmond has just finished his latest creation, a model of a goods engine from the old Glasgow & South Western Railway. It isn’t as fast as Fiery Fox, but is still very powerful. A near disaster reminds Grandpa of a true story from the old days.

Age range 6 to 12 years.
Paperback, 32 pages with 12 watercolour pictures.